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Virtual Tours as an Interactive Guide

Recently we created virtual tours of two flats in Creveul Court,  Alexandria for West Dunbartonshire Council.

 Creveul Court is a new development in Alexandria that at the time of writing is yet to be home to any tenants. Its purpose is to house people whose previous accommodation is no longer suitable, most people over the age of 65. The building is fully accessible, “dementia-friendly” and each floor is even colour coded.

The purpose of our tour was to create an interactive guide that tenants could use to find out where certain key things were in their new flat. We were able to label various points of interest such as the water stop cock, smoke alarms, TV and broadband connection among other things. We also directly embedded user manuals for the electric hob, boiler and smoke alarm into the tour.

 creates a comprehensive guide for the new tenants that encompasses most of the content that would be in the welcome pack in an easy to use, visual format. The interactive guide allows the new tenants to locate key points in their flats much more easily and access key information directly from the tour.

This is a fantastic and under used application for virtual tours. They could be used as fully interactive user guides for virtually anything, they’re easy to use and could save a lot of time and effort for the consumer.

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